Thursday, October 11, 2012

As promised yesterday- here are the shots from Chris' and my first year anniversary. Bobbi Jo Brooks was our photographer, you should check out her work. She does a great variety of styles, and is very good at portrait sessions and wedding photography.

I love these shots under a railroad bridge. Though this is not as easy as it looks. That tiny board I'm sitting on, is all that we're perched on. Somehow we managed to get balanced for a few shots.

I didn't used to like the winter. But now that I have someone to snuggle with, it's growing on me.

The sunshine broke through for just a couple of seconds!

Why hello.....

 I love you....

I think this one is my favorite. He was making me laugh.

I have this one hanging in my cube at work. I love the contrast of the straight and soft lines against the trees, and the coloring. As well as the sunshine breaking through the clouds again.

Here I'm rubbing my lip gloss off his face. It happens.

I'm so happy with how they came out. I felt like this was a way to catch a glimpse of our life after our first year of marriage. I like knowing that I'll have anniversary pictures to look back at one day. Maybe I should consider making this a yearly event.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello Friends,

  A Cranberry Day has some exciting news to share. Bobbi Jo Brooks, a good friend and fantastic photographer, will be featuring some of my work at her studio at The Goat Farm! So if anyone has a session coming up with Bobbi Jo, you might get to see a few of my pieces on sale!
Did you know that some of the second Hunger Games movie scenes, 'Catching Fire' were being shot at the Goat Farm? How fun. I love living around Atlanta.

    Here are a few shots of my prep work. My workspace in the new house is far from finished- it's just getting started. But with a few things coming up in October and November (more fun news to come soon) I've had to dive in anyway.



I wanted to have a photo session for Chris' and my one year anniversary this past January. So Bobbi Jo willingly walked all over Tanyard Creek Park with us, on a slightly overcast and rainy day. I love how our photos came out. I'll heighten the suspense and post them for you tomorrow.