Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello friends. We're right in the middle of moving. I'm not fond of moving, not at all. The good thing about this move is that hopefully, unless the Lord has something different, we won't be moving again for quite sometime. It's a strange feeling to be making somewhat of a permanent move, being that it's the first one I've ever experienced. It's a good feeling though, and going through it with my husband makes all the positive difference in the world. As we were in the middle of finding ourselves in twisted, contorted, and occasionally upside down positions as we pulled apart and primed our new kitchen cabinets for the layer of paint still yet to come (you should try this sometime), it suddenly hit me that this craziness is an investment in our home! Which makes it so worth the effort, and keeps it all in good fun.

My bird however, doesn't realize that all this upheaval is for a good cause. He is a very high strung birdie, and he tends to get upset whenever his perceivable little world is thrown off. He even refused to sing when I played the Beach Boys for him this morning on Pandora, he loves the Beach Boys and usually attempts to harmonize. He's trying to communicate to us his fright and maybe disgust at our attempt to 'change everything, just because you feel like it'. (yes, I did just quote my non-verbal bird) Ah well, I keep telling him that he's going to love his new room- it has four big windows along with a windowed door, and there are lots of birds who live outside that he'll enjoy squawking with. But until he sees it for himself, I don't think I have him convinced.

I'm afraid I don't have a very clear picture of him to share, but here is a shot that Jonathan O'Brian took on our wedding day, he hung my earrings on the cage and you can see birdie in the background. He's all white with just a tiny spot of blue on his tummy, and another on his back. It looks like someone smudged him with blue finger paints. Like my earrings?

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