Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday I spent some time brooding over a few of my favorite photo shoots and pictures, I needed some inspiration. Here are a few of my very favorites. I seemed to start with warm and snuggly, and ended up with bright and sunny.

Take the time to view this full photo shoot. Choosing my favorite was quite difficult. Andria captured this couple beautifully, and isn't it refreshing to see one of those couples that just, very simply, love each other?
Ashley & Zach by Andria Lindquist

Here's another couple's shoot that doesn't give you that 'ick get real' feeling. Just sheer happiness at being together. This is a homecoming shoot, and again, take the link and go see the whole thing. Well done capturing those moments Josh Goleman.

A Sweet Homecoming, found via OnceWed

This picture is from Little Honey Pie on Etsy. The leaf headband was for sale (sorry, sold now) but goodness, Kaley I think you should sell your pictures too!


Photo by Charles Linden; 300 Years of Wallpaper

Shirley Poppy; by Emily Winfield Martin of The Black Apple

Barn Owl and Branches; by Michelle of United Thread

Found this one this morning, I love the soft pinks, white and green.
DIY Butterfly Bridesmaid Bouquet, via OnceWed

Anthropologie dress, found via Confessions of a Call Center Gal

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stretchy bangle bracelets have been catching my attention lately. I've been wanting to make some simple, fun, everyday easy wear kind of designs. I like the idea of multiple strands of beads, and the result of all these desires is turning out to be a series of colorful beaded bangles, which I am just loving. On my way out the door every morning, I tell myself that the sparkly pile of yummy bands are for my store, and if I like them so much I'll just have to get around to making some for myself.

I don't have these up in my Etsy store yet, but I thought you might like a sneak peak into my bangle obsession. These were shot with CameraBag, not the best resolution, but none the less...

I couldn't resist the lightleak. These are individual strands of tiny white beads

Slice of blue Agate


Not a bangle, but a necklace that will also be appearing in my shop.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Today I have something exciting to tell you. Maiedae has finished creating a logo for A Cranberry Day! Isn't it great?

I just love it. Thank you Jenny! I suddenly feel much more cohesive.

On another note, my husband and I are in the process of buying our first home! I'm grateful that we haven't had a difficult time of it, as I've been hearing that a lot of people out there right now have tried for 2-3 houses before their offer was accepted. We were actually accepted on the first house we found that we both loved, and put in a formal offer on. We had only seriously been looking for about 3-4 weeks before finding our to be home! So for anyone out there struggling to find your house, be encouraged, it can happen just like that.

I've been so overwhelmed by the perspectives of all the wondrous things I can do in the house, that it's been really hard to focus on any one particular thing. I'm jumping from counter tops, to paint color, to different flooring, to changing out the door knobs. One of my problems in life is that when it comes to my home, I have a perfectionist side that comes striding forward like an arrogant stranger. Being that this house is more than four times larger than our current snuggly one bedroom living space, I'm going to have to find a way to tell myself that it's a process, that I have time to make decisions and I don't have to rush through everything all at once. I'll need mental support people (Andrea).

 Here are some things I've been finding.

Quartz Counter Tops!  Quartz Atlanta

Wall Stencils by Cutting Edge Stencils
 I'm thinking I'll go for stencils over wallpaper. Surely someday I'll want to change it, and stripping wallpaper is not supposed to be a fun way to spend a Saturday, or two, or three.

 If however I did go for wallpaper, this design by Abigail Edwards has me thoroughly won over. I love how the swan blends in with the curvy waves.

Found via Parlour,

Here's some work that I haven't been able to get out of my head since I first saw it. Christopher Marley of The Pheromone Gallery is responsible for this unique mineral experience. I think it would go well in my living room, or maybe even the dining room.


Lighting by Ada & Darcey

It's fun to think about it all, I just have to keep my inspiration at bay. Or not.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

I've always enjoyed eclectic and foreign findings. I love unusual shapes and designs, and moreover anything natural and organic. I especially find that I am drawn toward anything that makes me think of a rainforest, elephants, winding rivers, and exotic birds.

Here's something I just came across recently on Novica. Did you know that Elephants like to paint? I certainly didn't, but I'm a fan of Jojo's color choices.

Elephant Painting- Feisty
Ten Thousand Villages is a fair trade retailer with a great selection of items from locations around the world. This little guy was made by an artist in Pakistan. I enjoy hearing about the stories and people behind their items.

Standing Strong Baby Elephant

I found this photo and info via oh, hello friend: you are loved. The photo is from Vogue, June 2007. Info via Annansi Chronicles.

Blue Yellow Naped-Amazon via Lima's Exotic Birds

I'm inspired. I want to go put on a necklace like this Burgundy Tie Necklace made in India, from Ten Thousand Villages

 Could a wall decal such as the one below make a home feel more earthy? I'm leaning toward yes.

Via Wall Decal Depot on Etsy

A touch of blue glass might also do well, like this pitcher and glasses from Anthropologie.   

This Carnival Stripe Bolster Pillow from World Market would fit in well.

Top things off with a splash of amazing blue green floor rug, and you may end up with a genuine rainforest feel to your home.

Green Hand-Knotted Medallion Rug, World Market

Photo by Jet Guer, found via Planetsave

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday morning adorableness. I found Duncan the Cat by way of Etsy- kitty lovers, this is for you.


Duncan After a Long Hard Day

Duncan Playing Hide and Seek

Duncan Mulls it Over

Duncan Takes a Break

Duncan Thinks About Life

Well done Kip Holm. Duncan should have his own comic strip. Seriously, who knew there were kitties that like to sit in corners. I love his ears too, I don't think I've personally met a Scottish Fold Cat. Also just so we're clear, Kip says that for anyone who is wondering, he didn't position Duncan. Because to begin with, you can't position a cat, and secondly, the picture wouldn't be so interesting if Duncan didn't  really sit like this.

Have a good Saturday everyone! And don't forget to go to ICE, today's the big day!