Saturday, May 31, 2014

Happy Saturday!

As you may have seen through the rest of my social media, my world has been taken over by ICE- the Indie Craft Experience! I am so excited to again be part of their Pop-Up Shop, and for the first time ever to be part of the Summer ICE Craft Market event!!! But seriously, I now have no free time... yipes. 

My 'lil brain has been flooded with plans for inventory, swag, display, and set up details. 

An outline of my thoughts:

Inventory~ need roughly double my current stock. Oh. my. goodness!! (so excited!!)
Swag~ 250 bags to the first ICE atendees each day = 500 (500 needed pieces of swag from me!!), oh wait- plus the  150 for the Pop-Up Shop swag = yikes. Especially considering that up 'till this point, I have always handmade my business cards. I like having that personal touch. However, I had to decide between making business cards and making inventory- inventory wins! I found a gal who has designed and is printing adorably cute business cards for me. I like them so much it made me feel better about not making all of them myself.
Display~ will be AMAzing! Keeping the details secret for now.

Yesterday was the first day in quite a while that I had nothing on the calendar. Knowing I wasn't going to need to leave the house, other than to walk the dog, I got up early, wore no makeup, barely got dressed, and simply tacked back my short hair morning bedhead with a big stretchy band. Beauty.

As I started the day, I took a few snapshots around my workspace. You'll be able to find these items at the ICE Summer Craft Market, June 28 & 29!

lots of druzy!

this one won my heart... because... it looks like a heart

sunstone, glittery!

potato pearl necklaces

murphy loves it when I'm working, 'cuz he gets to sit on a chair and look out the window

bamboo coral- gorgeous, striking red color-  to be made into pendant necklaces

my papery pals

a little inspiration.. to be hung on the wall someday

I love the morning light in my dining room/studio. Hope you enjoyed this peek into my work!

Here's the info for Summer ICE & the Pop-Up Shop. Hope to see you there!



Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy Saturday!

I'm excited to present a necklace that I've dubbed the 'Droplet and Bar Necklace'. It's actually a design that I made probably over a year ago. I loved it so much that I decided to keep it for myself. (yes- that happens sometimes. job perk...) At first I thought that other people might not love it the way I did, because it's rather unusual and the gold bars shift in shape while you wear it. Something that I absolutely enjoy. One minute it's laying out like a clover and I feel like queen, the next the bars have flipped around and I feel all interesting and mysterious, like my necklace is an enigma. Anywho- I figured who was I to decide what people might and might not like? If I love wearing it so much, why not put it out there for others to have too??

I decided to go big and offer two colors. My original is a deep burnt orange. I struggled to find the same shade in the correct pear shape, but finally succeeded with these orange agate beads. While I was searching for the orange, I came across a pink aventurine- same shape and size, and I thought how pretty the pink and gold would be! So here we have it. A brand new Etsy listing as of today, offered in pink and orange! So you can pick your favorite... or.... you can choose to love them both!

I also thought you might like a peek at my process of putting them together, so I've taken advantage of this gorgeous Georgia day, opened my windows to a perfect breeze, enjoyed the sun streaming in, and taken some time to snap some pictures along the way!

The necessary supplies...
Isn't this shade of orange lovely? 

Coming together...


(hecho = done)

I still need to seal the knots so they won't fray. Otherwise, these guys are ready to go! You can purchase one of your own here.

Oops, look, they're shape shifting....

Have a fabulous Saturday!

Oh and here's a shot of me wearing my original :)