Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hello Friends,

  A Cranberry Day has some exciting news to share. Bobbi Jo Brooks, a good friend and fantastic photographer, will be featuring some of my work at her studio at The Goat Farm! So if anyone has a session coming up with Bobbi Jo, you might get to see a few of my pieces on sale!
Did you know that some of the second Hunger Games movie scenes, 'Catching Fire' were being shot at the Goat Farm? How fun. I love living around Atlanta.

    Here are a few shots of my prep work. My workspace in the new house is far from finished- it's just getting started. But with a few things coming up in October and November (more fun news to come soon) I've had to dive in anyway.



I wanted to have a photo session for Chris' and my one year anniversary this past January. So Bobbi Jo willingly walked all over Tanyard Creek Park with us, on a slightly overcast and rainy day. I love how our photos came out. I'll heighten the suspense and post them for you tomorrow.

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