Saturday, July 7, 2012

I'm starting to get into some more specifics of what I'm visualizing for our new home. No, we haven't moved in yet. But what does that matter when there is fun planning to do?

I love lighting. It's a major part of my life. Lights need to make a room feel warm and welcoming. Natural sunlight is best of course, but lamps, hanging lamps, overhead lights, are all important to me as well. 

Here are a couple of my favorite finds from Boots N Gus.

Up-cycled Milk Glass, yes please.

I'm not sure I would use this valence on a window, because every time I look at it I come up with a different idea of what I could do with it. Hang it over the bed and embellish with a few fabric flowers?

Brulu Mama

The kitchen has very old styled cabinet pulls. Not in a good old style way. I like the fresh green of this one below. I think I'll take the kitchen more in this sort of direction.

Door Stop Supply Shop on Etsy

Garlands of all different kids frequently catch my attention. They can do so much with so little. I could easily make something similar to this design by Everly Lane Design, which was featured on Etsy's blog. I think I would incorporate some lace.

I like these as well, by Thimble Weddings. Another that would be fairly easy to make, but easier if I really had the time, and owned a sewing machine.

I think I would go for felt over paper however. Since I'm purchasing for home decor rather than an event, it would last much longer. Like these from The Find Sac.

The tile backsplash in the kitchen is white, yea for me. I'm planning to paint the walls and cabinets white too, and have the fun of adding color to a white slate. Two of the tiles over the stove have some rather 90's style designs on them, so I'm looking to replace those two. Or maybe I'll replace a small group of them to make it more coherent. I'm leaning toward some mosaic tiles, maybe subway style. I found these mother of pearl ones on Amazon.

There is a toilet room in the master bath. The kind that's fairly tiny and usually depressing. When I saw it I thought, 'great, without revamping the bathroom, (because I like the rest of it) how can I make that space pleasant???'. The bathroom is a soft yellow, what if I used something like this from Cutting Edge Stencils to liven it up? I'm still debating, but as of yet this seems to be the best potential fix I've come up with.

My goals with home decor are usually to keep the overall feel simple and airy, and to find ways to make big impacts with items and ideas that come at a lower cost. I've been frequenting thrift stores over the last few weeks, and enjoying the thrill of the hunt, as my friend Amy says. So far I have found a wooden chair painted a soft blue that I think will go well in the living room, an ottoman that may find its way into the walk in closet, a blue green windowpane mirror, and a watercolor picture with of course, little birdies. At some point I'll take some pictures of my favorite finds, maybe when they're settled in their new home!

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