Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello Friends! I hope that you have enjoyed the holidays, and had a pleasant start to a fresh new year. I have several people to thank for some great gifts for my new home, so I thought I would do so with this post, and also use the opportunity to share some updated home pictures. The house still has a long way to go- I feel that more some days than others, but it has truly come a long way, and now I feel more that I just have projects to work on rather than urgent musts in order to function properly.

To begin- thanks to my friend Christi for a handmade jewelry pegboard to help with my workspace! I love it, what a thoughtful gift!

You'll notice that my workspace is heavily influenced by Ikea... and thanks to Peggy for the wooden table, and thanks to my sister Katie for strongly suggesting I purchase Mr. Strawberry. He's great company.

  Mr. Strawberry is guarding my latest bead acquisitions, and to the left, thank you Angela for the astrology bag from Anthropologie, and thanks Brianna with Tailored by Torrey for selling me your nautical bag. I use both of these when I need to pack it up and go to Starbucks for an afternoon.

Christi, the pegboard was so needed! I'm using it to hang the items I have yet to photograph for A Cranberry Day


Chris and I were thankful to celebrate our second anniversary on Tuesday, he knows my favorite flowers well... thanks hubby, I love you!

Thanks Cathy for such an adorable Anniversary card!!!

Here is my dining room, which I've totally fallen in love with. There's plenty of light even on rainy days. 

The corner of the dining room- to Kelley Gee, thank you for the orange chandelier candle holder, best ever!

Living Room...

Duck print- P.Buckly Moss, Mammoth from Anthro, plate handmade in Mexico- thrifted from Kudzu, small hippo from Ten Thousand Villages, and blue candle sticks from Addicted to Words.

To my dear friend Lynn Lindsay from Sunshowers and Rainshine, thank you for the 'love' banner, and for the flower garland! Andrea from The Yellow Cottage, thanks for the birdie pillow! Stephanie, thanks for influencing me to purchase my sock monkey. 

Amy, thank you for the lamp! Did you recognize it?

Thanks to Peggy for the orange chair, and to A Classy Flea for selling me the red chair and side table. The lamp of course is Ikea, and the deer print is from Mae Chevrette. The tiny deer figurine is by Blue Mountain Pottery, purchased from 77Street.

My sink in the master bath.

Chris' sink.

Thanks to Angela for the mirror from Anthro, I use it every day.

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