Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas is almost here! I absolutely love this time of year. Christmas lights, gifts, Salvation Army people ringing bells, general Christmas cheer. But mostly- as Charlie Brown discovers with his good friend Linus, the true meaning of Christmas. Some (free!) recommended advent reading can be found here. I so enjoy reading Piper, his love for the Lord is so true and profound, it's like it can't stay inside of him even if he wanted it to (which he wouldn't), it just seeps out in unmistakable joy and delight in telling others about our beloved Saviour. 

Part of preparing for Christmas is getting ready for giving gifts, which I think is a lovely way of reminding one another of the greatest gift given to us in Christ. Not that our gifts can have a shadow of comparison with the gift of Jesus and the ability to be made into new creations in him, but that in love and goodwill towards one another we try to reflect God's love by giving to one another. So with that in mind, here are some goodies that I've had my eye on this year!

Here's something I always try to have around for Christmas. Dark chocolate infused with orange is delectable. Thanks Trader Joe's!

Here's a something that I did a little 'Hi Hubby- here's something I really, really like' move on! The anchor works for me because Chris is very much an anchor in my rather flighty life. He helps me keep it together, and I help him see past the logical world into the artsy world. I'm so thankful for our marriage.

By Olive Yew

I've really enjoyed following the Food 52 blog this year. I've found lots of super yummy recipes with them, one of my favorite being these green beans which we had with dinner last night. So simple, yet so.... delightful. Which is a strange word to use with green beans. 

Green Beans!!

Sorry, that was a rabbit trail. Whilst following my favorite food blog, they introduced me to this family owned company, Mosser Glass. And I've been eyeing these mixing bowls in green..

Mosser mixing bowls

I'm realizing that I can't post everything I'd like to on here, since some people who read my blog have yet to receive the gifts I've sent them.... hmmm....

Here is something I found along the way and thought would make a great, though pricy, gift! This shop was recently a featured seller on Etsy. 

Dual Beer Glass by Pretentious Beer Glass on Etsy

My friend Angela and her husband Ross are raising funds to be missionaries to Bogota, Colombia. Angela is selling her handiwork to help their process! Here are a couple of her items. Angela's items were at our recent Holiday Handmades Sale, so I'm guessing some people out there will receive her items as gifts!


Infinity Scarf, scarf user friendly.

My nephew will be getting this from us, since he's only six years old I suspect he doesn't read my blog and therefore this is safe to post. My sister-in-law said he's been wanting it, and I was totally taken by how cool this is. A swimming fish robot!

Hexbug Fish

Here are some items that I enjoyed seeing this season. Not that anyone could afford to give them to anyone, but they're pretty to look at. 

Hat and Elephant by Sugarboo & Co.

A Real Hoot Canister by Anthropologie

While we're dreaming, wouldn't this make a lovely Christmas dress???

Otis and Omar Vintage on Etsy

In actuality, my Christmas dress was found at Goodwill! It's a green dress with pink buttons, the label says Hawks but I can't seem to track anything definitive down online. It needed some slight adjustments, but I finished it yesterday and am looking forward to wearing it. The fabric is soft and comfy, and it should pair well with boots, leggings, and a cardigan. 

I'll leave you with this, another Food 52 recipe that I've now used a couple of times and loved! My only modification is that I have a glass popcorn maker that goes in the microwave, and I've used that and just sprinkled the sugar on top of the kernels, worked like a charm. Great for sitting by the fireplace on cold nights.

Kettle Corn

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

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