Saturday, May 2, 2015

Well, it's been a long time since I've blogged anything. Life has moved on, changed, etc. Most notably, my husband and I have adopted our first child, Joshua Calvin. He is such a sweet little guy and we love him dearly! He's come along after so many prayers. One of the things I love about adoption is seeing how incredibly the Lord works to bring a family together. So many tiny, intricate details went into our story, I'm always amazed and very humbled. We were thankful to meet our handsome little man only a few hours after his birth, and we have had a wonderful, encouraging experience with his birth mommy and her sweet family. They have been so loving and supportive toward us and we look forward to years of friendship with them.

I don't have lots of time because the 'lil guy needs lots of attention right now, so consider this a brief introduction to Joshua. Literally, I'm typing with one hand right now as he's asleep on the other half of me. (Then he woke up- right now is now is a day later and he's snoozing)

My friend Vickie of the Apple Crate came and shot some beautiful pictures for us.

Joshua was pretty unhappy at the start of the shoot. It was naptime. But we managed to nab a few good ones before we needed the pacifier and snuggles. 

He makes this exact face whenever I kiss him.

Oh, my heart.

Joshua says, 'and then, mommy put a bear hat on me'.

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