Saturday, May 26, 2012

Come again?? Indie Craft Experience  next weekend? Oh my, yes please. So exciting! A friend at work was kind enough to inform a bunch of us that we really shouldn't miss this one. Thanks Angela!


I've been browsing through the vendors we can expect to find presiding. (Have I said how excited I am? This is like Etsy live, what could top that?)

The first one to snag my attention was What's In Your Cellar...

I think these little guys are cute. And the bruised eye could be appropriate  after a little kid has given them lots of love.
Baby Penguin

Mr. Whale

The next attention grabber will be at booth 73, Esther Lipscome Pottery. She has Raku pieces!

  So far my favorite discovery in the vendor's list has been the fun life lessons illustrated by Katie Coleman. Right now her work is being displayed at Park Grounds Coffee Shop in Atlanta if you want to stop by! Her work catches my attention because it reflects how I often see or imagine things, but generally don't know how to express. Her illustrations have a slightly awkward feeling, while being simple and to the point, and very cute. Here's her Etsy shop, Miss Marjorie.

So me.
Janae Easton is another one I'm looking forward to! She does a lot with birds, and something important to know about me, I fall for lil' birdies every time. Every time. Seriously.

So, yes, this is just the beginning. Financial damage will be inevitable. Take a look at the vendors list here. See you next weekend!

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