Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It was a beautiful day outside on Saturday. Some friends of ours were getting married, (congrats Jason & Savannah!) and they picked a great day to do it. My husband was in the wedding, so while he was off taking pictures in a field somewhere, I took the opportunity to slip away and find a coffee shop. Yes, it was a  Starbucks. Though actually I decided on hot chocolate over coffee... sometimes you just have to give in.

My buddy Jonathan O'Brian was photographing our friends' wedding. He also shot our wedding, and I can't even begin to tell you how happy we were working with him. I'm so grateful to be one of the seemingly few people who can say that they just love their wedding pictures. You can see a few of Chris & my pictures in Jonathan's first January 2011 post, but here are a few of my favorites.

Jason and Savannah got married at Chukkar Farm Polo Club. The place is amazing, I felt like we were tucked in a tiny green valley somewhere up in the mountains. I got to spend some quality time with some horses, two pigs (really), a rooster, and I managed to make good friends with one particular fly that decided I was pretty. That's my story alteration. Savannah and the family did a wonderful job, their wedding was beautiful and we all had fun. I'm sure they've got some good pictures coming their way!

Orange Carnelian Earrings

While I was sipping my hot chocolate between wedding events, I took an eagerly anticipated plunge. I changed the name of my Etsy store! I went from being White & Rosas, to a name you're now familiar with, A Cranberry Day. I'm happy with the name so I figured both of my current artsy endeavors should go by it.

Another factor in the change is that I've won a free logo designing from Maiedae! I had been debating changing my store name for a while, and when I found out that the wonderful Savannah and Jenny will be designing a logo for me, I thought it was an appropriate time for a change. Can't wait to share my new logo with you!

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