Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recently my dlf Andrea of The Yellow Cottage threw an outdoor movie event in her backyard. It was a smash, everyone loved it! Or so I'm told. I actually couldn't attend because of a (serious enough to miss out on such fun) prior commitment. To compensate my loss I spent the earlier part of the day with her helping to get things ready. Her house is such a pleasant place to be. She has two cats, Percy and Pablo, and one dog, Pascal. Pascal is an Australian Shepard. He always makes me laugh because Aussies like to lean on you. Literally. At first I thought it must just be a particular quirk, but then out on a walk one day we met up with another friendly Aussie who walked right up to me, and leaned her whole little body up against my legs. Pascal also likes to tread on my toes with his back paws, and then sit down. Perhaps this habit is unique to him.

Pascal with Percy the kitten
Anyway, while we were getting things ready I snapped a few pictures with Hipstamatic and Camera Bag on my ITouch.

Vases, bottles, and flowers.

The bottles and vases came from all over the house, and we cut fresh flowers from her garden. The people who lived in the house previously were avid gardeners, and the array of loveliness proves it. 

We also put candles in anything glass or colorful that could be found. The wine bottles are candle holders too!

I enjoyed being outside in the sunshine, it was a good start to the summer months.

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