Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hi Friends!

   It's been so long, I've missed you! I feel badly that I haven't kept up with my blog over the move- but I had to set it aside and focus on getting settled and keeping my head above water while working full time on top of all the rest of it. Don't worry though, I've been taking pictures and have lots to share!

We have a bathtub! Which I finally made time to enjoy the other night. I am inspired to get this illustration by The Dancing Cat to hang near the tub, so I don't forget to take advantage of  having it-

I think it's perfect. I think I'll get it. I'm ordering it now.

I've also been more short tempered lately due to my over-active nature to fix it all and fix it all now so we can have a nice and peaceful home, but realizing it's just outside my ability to do so. (beer please) I've had to apologize more lately for being nit picky toward Chris. Poor hubby, I hate it when I do that. I just bought these from Jethro And Henrietta to go over his sink in the bathroom.

I love this because it just barely makes sense. It makes me think of Narnia and dress up clothes.

The house still is far from finished, I've had to wrap my head around the idea that this is quite a long term commitment- it's not like when we moved into our apartment and I had it straight and fully functional in no time! Oh no.... this is something on a totally different scale, as those of you who are home owners know. I dislike spending money on things that aren't fun to spend money on. What- there is a what and a what something living in our attic!!?? Do you know how expensive it is get critters out of your attic!? You've got to be kidding me. But I quickly came to grips with the reality that I was grateful it was someone else having to crawl around up there and get all the holes sealed up and everything cleaned up and back in order- worth every dime. I'm still afraid to go up there. We had squirrels and (gasp) roof rats. Ick and ick.
Chris was sweet when he told me what we had living up there- he said- 'we have squirrels'.
I said 'yea, and what else?'.
'That's it.'
'I don't believe it. What else is up there making all that racket?'
'What is it!!??'
'Roof rats'
'What the ---- is the difference between a roof rat and a regular rat?'
'They're smaller'
'Sure they are'

Thankfully- (thankfully) they had never made it as far as getting beyond the attic. So I at least felt that they were contained. What a horrible experience guys. Don't have roof rats. 

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