Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hi friends, today is ode to my birdies day.

We'll start off with Awesome Art by Ashley Percival, who is currently having a sale!

How can you possibly resist a bird in glasses?

This one has to be my favorite- she must have created him with me in mind. The coloring is sublime.

Birdie in the cold. I should get a scarf for my parakeet.

This one is titled 'Mummy and Baby Bird'. What kind of birds are we dealing with here? Some sort of Wader I suppose.

You're correct. Not a bird. But I like anyway.

 Now we'll move on to Birds in Hats by Alice Tams.


Snowbird! Icelandic Puffin.

We've been watching too much White Collar. This 'lil guy's hat reminds me of Neil Caffrey.

Hello, I'm a Pheasant.

Mr. Mallard

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