Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday morning adorableness. I found Duncan the Cat by way of Etsy- kitty lovers, this is for you.


Duncan After a Long Hard Day

Duncan Playing Hide and Seek

Duncan Mulls it Over

Duncan Takes a Break

Duncan Thinks About Life

Well done Kip Holm. Duncan should have his own comic strip. Seriously, who knew there were kitties that like to sit in corners. I love his ears too, I don't think I've personally met a Scottish Fold Cat. Also just so we're clear, Kip says that for anyone who is wondering, he didn't position Duncan. Because to begin with, you can't position a cat, and secondly, the picture wouldn't be so interesting if Duncan didn't  really sit like this.

Have a good Saturday everyone! And don't forget to go to ICE, today's the big day!

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