Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stretchy bangle bracelets have been catching my attention lately. I've been wanting to make some simple, fun, everyday easy wear kind of designs. I like the idea of multiple strands of beads, and the result of all these desires is turning out to be a series of colorful beaded bangles, which I am just loving. On my way out the door every morning, I tell myself that the sparkly pile of yummy bands are for my store, and if I like them so much I'll just have to get around to making some for myself.

I don't have these up in my Etsy store yet, but I thought you might like a sneak peak into my bangle obsession. These were shot with CameraBag, not the best resolution, but none the less...

I couldn't resist the lightleak. These are individual strands of tiny white beads

Slice of blue Agate


Not a bangle, but a necklace that will also be appearing in my shop.

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